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Bystander, NFT by andrealitmus
NFT ReviewMay 10, 2022


For the past few weeks, I have been driving a campaign to offer support to fellow NFT creators and I must say, I have had the opportunity to come across amazing artwork. It is a real adventure in itself…

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Bystander, NFT by andrealitmus
By artist andrealitmus | Bystander NFT, from the Foils NFT collection available on OpenSea


Created by artist andrealitmus


What I see

Did you ever ask yourself what it would be like to be greeted by a kind soul on your way to the next plane? With only loving care on his mind, someone who would extend a warm hand freely regardless of your bad or good deeds, regardless of your accomplishments or failures, someone whose only wish and purpose would be to make you feel accompanied without any form of judgment whilst under his/her care until you reach the underworld… I present to you the Bystander by artist andrealitmus.

Yes, there is a need for tools such as the reaper’s sickle this illustration hints at. The righteousness and sturdiness of the Bystander is a hard path to follow. Mindful devotion, warm embrace and a respectful bow, but with a firm hand so that the limits of the path are clear and no soul gets lost along the way. The reminiscence of Japanese samurai art and the red orb adds to the solemnity and sobriety of the character.

Beyond the Bystander, andrealitmus’ Foils NFT collection is very special. The artist shares with us his creation process in a short video which I include below. It is fascinating and such a great way to explain how unique and filled with love of the craft his work is. As you can attest, art is not a destination in itself but a journey.

What I feel

I feel love, I feel security, righteousness, devotion. This solemn image inspires an inclination to introspection. Despite the ethereal in-between world path this illustration stirs, I feel grounded, in control, I feel Myself, naked, without judgment, in front of the ineluctability of what lies ahead.


If you take time to review more of andrealitmus’ work, I am convinced you will agree with me that a general feeling of love is palpable through all of his work. Love of life, love of colors, love of contrasts, love of people, love of sharing, love of art. I am sincerely thankful to have been able to gaze at my ineluctable path in such a safe manner. Thank you andrealitmus! 🙏✌️

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Martin Blais stache and finger!
Photo of myself with a random stache and a finger on my face… 😅

About this initiative

For the past few weeks, I have been driving a campaign to offer support (ever humbly) to my fellow NFT creators and I must say, I have had the opportunity to come across amazing artwork. It is a real adventure in itself.

I decided to start writing a few thoughts about random NFTs I reviewed and figured I would create posts on my website in case it interested anyone looking for inspirations on which artists to support or which collections to keep an eye out for.

I am no expert, my only tools are my appreciation of art, my feelings and emotions, my way with words and a true desire to spread positivity in a world where, for the majority, everything is hidden behind by a big cloud of uncertainty.

May this initiative serve its humble purpose and bring support or help or positivity in any way to anyone reading it and to the artists featured in my articles. 🙏