About Martin Blais

Multidisciplinary artist, infographic designer Martin Blais is also an actor, a voice actor, a singer, an audiobook narrator, a website conceptor, a video editor (and pretty much everything involving multimedia…)

Through his art, Martin wishes to depict hope, joy, fun and excitement. Color is an important medium used efficiently to convey positive emotions in his artwork. During these trying times and through the many crisis we face worldwide, we all need a little joy, don’t we?!?

Nevertheless, our world does have some darker sides and many challenges and Martin also strives to raise awareness though various charity oriented NFTs. All proceeds and royalties from sales of these NFTs help gather funds for the various causes described in each NFT (you can visit our charity NFT page for more information about the NFTs available and the various causes being supported.)

Martin Blais, multidisciplinary artist